festive marketing

Over the past few years, with companies having to tighten their belts, Christmas has shrunk. Thankfully there are now plenty of possible ways to avoid being the Scrooge, and in return boost staff morale and client good feeling, without breaking the bank.

The Staff Bonus

Most people just want to feel loved and appreciated and even a small gesture can go a long way. I once worked at a firm which not only paid for the staff party but also bought everyone a turkey. Those traditions are a special part of forging a loyal family feel at work. By building relationships with local restaurants or shops, it needn’t be as expensive as you think to offer a small gift or voucher.

Christmas Cards

E-Cards, can often fall into the same category as generic social media posts and seem anything but personal, and will most likely go straight into the Spam box. It’s a lazy way of communicating with your customers and can often have a negative effect rather than a positive one. Hand written printed cards sent in the post with a Christmas stamp created by a local artist can make you and your company stand out from the masses, whilst also boosting your “supporting local trade” credentials.

TOP TIP: Save your eshots for January to get more impact (and more revenue) with sale offers and money off deals.

Corporate Gifts

Personalised gifting is a growing trend, with independents offering everything from cuff links to cup cakes with your name on. Why not gift a personalised bottle of fizz to ensure you are remembered well into the new year.

The Staff Christmas Party

Giving your staff the chance to let their hair down is a vital part of getting the best out of your team. From a simple Christmas lunch, subsidised by the boss, to a Weekend party night with an overnight stay. It would go a long way to creating that feeling of goodwill and motivate your staff until summer. Even an early finish and a plastic cup of cheap wine paid for by the boss will boost the festive cheer amongst employees.

Happy staff = Happy customers

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