For the past few months I have been watching my 4 year-old hone his “mark making” skills. Cajoling him and conversely biting my tongue whilst he literally gets to grips with writing, it has been a challenging process.

It’s an alien feeling to him and I can see him trying different techniques, left hand, right hand, sitting in different positions, using different pens until he finds one that works for him. Slowly he is realising he is capable of making some great shapes and letters on paper (just in time for Fathers Day!)

Over the past few years I have found that adapting and altering is a key development of the online marketing process. In the old days (aka 2010) you would create a website, upload it and that was it. Client happy. Job done. But the process of fine tuning is now vital to the success of a companies online activity.

I’m currently reading “Black Box Thinking” by Matthew Syed who highlights the importance or trial and error, learning from things that didn’t work and evolving whether that be in your personal life or the business world.

Checking the web stats, altering the home page, creating new pages, updating functionality, changing the keywords and simply trying something different can all make positive difference to the success of your website or marketing strategy.

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