It's not all bean bags and post-it-notes. Everyone works differently but if you're not a naturally creative person getting a fresh view from a designer can be inspirational

Tips for creative success

Getting out of the office and away from distractions for a brainstorm helps the creative process. Be sure to involve all staff in the process, they are best placed to understand your clients and products and they will feel valued at the same time. Explore all medium, not the psychic variety but think about all forms of promotion.

Go crazy! First thoughts are often the best thoughts. Don't hold back even if you think an idea is silly.

Social Listening

It might sound like a holistic therapy but spending a bit of time online working out what the markets and customers are saying will provide a valuable insight. Also take a journey of discovery. Investigate a completely different market to see if what they are up to can help you. Evaluate and be honest and open about what has worked or failed in the past.

Don't forget the basics, no need to reinvent the wheel, implement tried and tested ideas....but with a creative twist. Be brave. Listen to your designer and trust in their ability.

The result: a rich source of ideas and inspiration to give you the confidence to choose the right tools to start your next marketing campaign.

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