A recent trip to London’s Design Museum filled my soul with joy. An affirmation of the life changing concepts that can be achieved with a designer’s touch.

Design is my tool to create or promote companies and ideas, which in turn enhance someone’s life or entertains. I draw great satisfaction from producing a piece of design, which both delivers a message and is beautiful to look at – considering both in equal measure.

Whilst studying the vast array of treasures in the, “designer-maker-user” exhibition, I noticed many objects have been part of my life. The first i-mac, a pair of havianas and a nokia 6210 to name but a few. I wonder if I chose those items because I am a designer, or are they so suited to my needs I would have bought them anyway. Maybe I was influenced by the advertising and promotion that surrounded them!

Whether you are a designer or not, everyone can take pleasure from great innovation and design. Which items of modern iconic design did you own? designmuseum.org

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