I often work with clients who need help creating a cohesive brand across all media. The secret is getting it all from the same place.

A combination of obstacles have hit them: "My leaflets are 10 years old and the printer shut down, a bloke did my signage, the agency built my website but now someone else updates it. I do my own Twitter and my daughter does my Facebook!"

A mixed visual message can often mean confusion for your potential customers and a time-consuming headache for you. Cost is a big factor and multi-channel advertising agencies can be expensive. However there is a way to get all your design and marketing created cost effectively in one place...

I work with small to medium size businesses allowing them to "have it all". Creativity and a consistent brand across all your marketing and within your budget.

  • Logo and signage design
  • Responsive web design, build and SEO
  • Creative ideas for advertising campaigns and promotions which can be implemented through social media, website blogs and even a 'retro' leaflet drop!
  • Easily launch a new campaign or logo which can be quickly and easily implemented all from one computer out to your audience.

Leap into actionkate@the-catalyst.co.uk