Brexit for small business

Wow - what a summer so far, There are many stories that have piqued my interest in the past 3 weeks and I’ve been keeping abreast them all with the rather handy but slightly addictive news alerts on my phone! Here are my observations.
  • The fantastic power of the people and the wide range of views on Brexit
  • The apparent weakness and unscrupulous nature of politicians.
  • How there’s dignity in silence – (a great philosophy to adopt prior to any Social Media rant!)
  • The potential positive influence of another female PM to join the powers of Angela Merkel in Germany, Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland and potentially Hilary Clinton in the US and should Mrs May being a female even be a story in this day and age?
  • Whatever your views on “in or out” I feel it is an exciting time ahead. At no point have I felt dread - only opportunity. The politicians have been kept on their toes and the chain of events has allowed the government and Mrs May to make sweeping changes - hopefully for the better.

    The situation is challenging politicians and people to do their best and make the most of it. The businesses with the positive mindset and the ability to adapt are the ones who will prosper in the coming years. “Change is inevitable, progress is optional.”

    With the UK all but going it alone now there’s no better time to support local and UK businesses large and small.

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