Be Consistent

Be recognised. Be Trusted.

It can be tricky to give a consistent impression of your business - especially if you created material with different agencies/printers and at different times.
New Brand

A new logo for a new product or company. including toolkit for all medium and brand guidelines for suppliers.

Re-brand / Brand Refresh / Sub Brands

Investigating what makes your brand successful and building on it/modernising it.

Working with existing brands

If you are already happy with your look, I can ensure your message is consistently working with existing brand guidelines across print and digital platforms.  

Why is branding important?

Often, workload and time pressures to take over; you lose sight of the marketing plan and business goal. By creating a strategy and planning it across 6/12 months (with measurable goals) you can streamline the process and check you are increasing sales and engagement. Create a buzz with a varied and interesting campaign to drive traffic and sales.

What’s included?

Branding is applied in many forms:

  • Printed and digital stationery
  • Brochures & leaflets
  • Social Media Channels
  • Online graphics
  • Website
  • Signage & point of sale
  • Creating brand guidelines for suppliers

Why choose "The Catalyst"?

I started my career learning the fundamentals of colour (CMYK) resolution and effects at a printers. Transitioning in digital (RGB) means I understand the differences and can apply these rules depending on the final intention.